Meeting with Ebru Öcalir-Akünal

Ebru Öcalir-Akünal, Gazi Üniversitesi. Ankara. Discussing the European pattern of urban planning in the construction of new modern Asian metropolises like Ankara.

The Marmaray Project, Istanbul

Zeynep Buket, Marmaray Project, Istanbul. Discussing the future impact of Istanbul’s first intercontinental railway connection for the connectivity of Europe and Asia.

Meeting at Kumport

Jan Zhang and Tuğba Baran, Kumport. Istanbul. Discussing Kumport’s role as cargo hub between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea as well as China’s other port projects along the Maritime Silk Road.

Institute of International Economic Relations

Angelos Bentis, Institute of International Economic Relations, Athens. Discussing Greece’s paradox identity as a gateway between Europe and Asia based on its heroic past and pragmatic present.

Meeting with Jens Bastian

Jens Bastian, Independent Economic Consultant and Financial Sector Analyst, Athens. Discussing China’s adaptability to the European modus operandi.

Sotirios Theofanis and Panagiotis Michalopoulos

Discussing the old Greek maritime identity connecting the world since thousands of years and Thessaloniki‘s role as gateway to South Eastern Europe.